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About NLM
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How we are organized

The RCCG Netherlands Mission organization has two key arms, namely (i) the Statutory Arm and (ii) the Spiritual Arm and both operate from the Netherlands Mission Secretariat at Onyxhorst No. 5, 2592 HB, Den Haag.

The Statutory Arm

The Statutory Arm is made up of the Board of Trustees (BoT) comprising of Seven Members. This is headed by the BoT chairman and each member of the BoT manages a Portfolio of the Stichting. This is the highest legal body of the mission and their primary responsibility is to ensure that the RCCG Netherlands Mission and all her branches operate within the law of the Land. The BOT communicates with the rest of the Church either through the Council of Elders (COE) that is largely made up of the Senior Pastors in the NLM or via the Pastors-In-Charge of the Provinces who lead the Spiritual\Executive arm of the Church.

The current members of the NLM Board of Trustees and their respective Portfolios are as follows:

Pastor Bola Lasisi

Board Chaiman & Overall Coordination

Pastor Regina Dururu

NLM Estates & Mortgages Management

Pastor Mrs. Olubukunola Olowu

Education and Training

Pastor John Ouko


Deacon Rob van der Nol

Cultural Integration and Liaison

A/Pastor Abidemi Olatunbosun

Youth & Young Adults Affairs and Secretary

The Spiritual Arm

The Spiritual arm of the RCCG Netherlands Mission (NLM) is headed by the Pastors-In-Charge of the Provinces for Provinces 1, 2 (and 4). The PICPs statutorily report to the BOT and administratively to the Pastor-In-Charge of Europe Mainland Region 1, who also doubles as the Assistant General Overseer (AGO) for the entire RCCG Europe Mainland Region. The incumbent AGO for EM Region is Pastor Bamidele Olowu. The PICPs are directly responsible for implementing and promoting the Global evangelical Vision and Mission Policies of the RCCG via the Pastors-In-Charge of the Zones, Areas and Parishes. The Spiritual\Executive arm is also responsible for the various Church activities, spiritual & numerical growth and implementation of the Christian (Corporate) Social Responsibilities (CSR) in their respective neighbourhood.

The leadership of the provinces are as follows:

Province 1

Pastor Paul & Pst Mrs. Elizabeth Awede

Pastor-In-Charge of Province

Pastor Farai Maphosa

Asst Pastor-In-Charge of Province

Pastor Nelson Adelesi

Zonal Pastor

Pastor Farai Maphosa

East Area

Pastor Ayo Akanbi

Central Area

Pastor Vaney Sharma

North 1 Area

Pastor Nelson Adelesi

North 2 Area

Province 2

Pastor Bola & Pst Mrs. Lola Lasisi

Pastor-In-Charge of Province

Pastor Mrs Bukky Olowu

Asst Pastor-In-Charge of Province (Admin)

Matthias Akhideno1
Pastor Matthias Akhideno

Asst Pastor-in-Charge of Province (CSR)

Pastor Yemi Asogbon

West 3 Area

Pastor Keisha Larrys

South 1 Area

Pastor Chris Oyenekan

West 1 Area

Pastor Hyacinth Nwosu

South 3 Area

Pastor Abraham Amerter

South 2 Area

Netherlands Mission Secretariat

The RCCG Netherlands Mission Secretariat is located at Onyxhorst 5, 2592 HB, Mariahoeve, Den Haag. This is just behind the RCCG Breakthrough Sanctuary Parish located at Diamanthorst 187, 2592 GD, Den Haag. The Office is headed by the BoT Chairman\National Coordination and with two Principal Officers in person of Pastor Tosin Larrys (Admin Manager) and Deaconess Evelyn Toko  (Provincial Accountant), and a Senior (Field) Compliance Officer for Standards and Doctrine, Pastor (Mrs) Esther Udi.

Dcns Evelyn Toko

Finance Officer

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