Corona Virus Update

Dearly beloved brethren,                                            

New Guidelines for the RCCG Netherlands Mission (NLM) As the World is gradually returning to normalcy with effect from 2nd July 2020.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) of the RCCG NLM is using this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for his love, care and protection of all His children in the NLM and for sustaining His Church throughout the months of the lockdown. We also use this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our Pastors and workers for brazing up to the challenges and against all odds, worked together to keep the Church running throughout the locked down months. It could only be God. We say a profound thank you to you, your families and all our brethren that spent and being spent, supporting the Church of God and one another. Thank you Sirs, Mas.

Now that the country has eased the lockdown, we have put together, the following guidelines as a minimum to enable us re-open our Churches back for operations, in a way that we would neither violate the government directives nor endanger the lives of any of our people from this week: 

  1. The maximum number of people allowed in any closed assembly, (with other conditions fulfilled) is 100.
  2. There must be minimum 1.5m distance from one person to the other in the hall and during social interaction before or after the service.
  3. Those coming by train, tram or commercial bus must put on non-medical face-mask for entry into such transport or to avoid sanction by the law enforcement agents.
  4. Appropriate guidelines must be displaced in each Church corridor and notice boards.
  5. Walkways must be clearly marked as either Ingang or Uitgang to minimize congestion at any time.
  6. Where possible entries may be designated as either Ingang or Uitgang where possible (i.e. where there are multiple doors in\out of the Church.
  7. Choir stand must be far from the rest of the congregation, number to be as few as possible and appropriate social distancing maintained.
  8. Highest level of hygiene must be maintained in and around the Church during and after service to avoid contamination to anyone.
  9. The Church must provide hand sanitizer for people coming in or going out of the Church.
  10. The Pastor-in-charge of the parish must ensure that the seats are sanitized before and after use at all times to kill germs, viruses or bacteria.
  11. Every one to Minister in Word or in Song during the service must be given a dedicated microphone and such microphone must be sanitized before and after use to avoid infection.
  12. Each parish must reserve face masks for sharing to members as and when needed during or after the service.
  13. More importantly, please acquaint yourselves with the government directives and obey the rules to the letter. Where in doubt, ask questions.

Other helpful aspects of this circular are:

  • Parishes may have to split into two or three back to back services, if the Church hall is small to avoid congestion and violation of government directives.
  • Most parishes (especially the Area, Zonal headquarters) will need to combine physical and virtual services to sustain attendance, as it may take some time before members fully return to the Church for physical attendance of services.

Finally, we should continue to put our trust in the Almighty, remain steadfast and pray for one another for divine protection, mercy and provisions.

Thank you and our love to your beloved families.

Your sincerely,

Pastor Bolaji Lasisi                                

For the Board of Trustees (BOT),

RCCG, Netherlands Mission

Tel:- +31-6-8770-4950

Click here to download the latest guideline

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